Energy Management

Clearstone provides the following energy management services:

Energy Management Studies

The specific services we provide in this area are:

Evaluation and development of waste gas conservation and utilization schemes.
Evaluation and development of solutions to recover valuable condensable hydrocarbons from stranded waste gas.
Overall process optimization studies.
Steam system audits and rehabilitation studies (e.g., to identify and quantify avoidable losses including steam leaks, use of high-pressure steam in low pressure applications, excessive steam assist rates, etc.).
Optimization of purge gas consumption rates and stack-top operating temperatures.
Pinch analyses and the techno-economic evaluation of waste heat recovery and heat integration opportunities.

Clearstone uses a variety of engineering modelling and simulation tools to delineate and evaluate energy management opportunities as part of these studies and provides supplemental testing and monitoring services as may be needed.

Testing and Monitoring Services

Performance evaluation and benchmarking of individual process units (e.g., engines, process heaters & boilers, compressors, cooling towers, heat exchangers, flares, process systems, etc.).
Root-cause analysis of process losses in vent and flare systems.
Characterization and quantification of waste gas flows.

Our fields draw on an extensive selection of in-house testing and monitoring equipment, as well as analytical and simulation tools. This includes a mobile high-accuracy combustion laboratory for real-time quantification and trending of combustion efficiency, thermal efficiency, and emissions of NO, N₂O, NO₂, SO₂, NH₃, CO, CH₄ and CO₂.