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Clearstone Engineering is recognized as an authority on the measurement and control of vented and fugitive emissions. We have authored a number of key reference documents published by government and industry in Canada and internationally on the subject.

Our measurement services include speciation and quantification of odour-causing substances, volatile organic compounds and trace hazardous air pollutants from sources such as:

  • Leaking equipment components.

  • Surface impoundments (including sumps and API separators).

  • Flares.

  • Process vents.

  • Storage tanks.

  • Glycol dehydrators.

  • Gas-operated devices.

  • Operational/maintenance activities.

We use a variety of specialized and proven testing techniques, some of which were developed by Clearstone while others were developed by regulatory agencies such as US EPA. These techniques include:

  • Isolation flux chambers for measuring emissions from contaminated soils and liquid surfaces.

  • Tracer techniques for measuring the emissions from whole facilities or from a process unit within a facility.

  • Bagging and screening methods.

  • Conventional point source sampling techniques.

  • Rigorous process-based predictive methods.

  • Hi-FlowTM Sampler technology for measuring leaks and vented emissions (Clearstone is licensed by GTI to use this patented technology).

Clearstone also provides comprehensive Leak Detection and Repair (LDAR) services and programs for detecting and quantifying leakage from underground storage tanks.

Additional related services we offer include the following:

Clearstone implements formal leak detection and repair (LDAR) programs, and offers training to assist companies in implementing their own programs. We also provide custom software for use by companies in managing and reporting the results. Clearstone has developed a number of documents on leak detection and repair techniques for Environment Canada, Canadian Gas Association, Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers and US EPA. We have demonstrated and implemented LDAR programs in Canada, the United States, Europe, Asia and the Middle East at a variety of facilities including:

  • Gas production, processing, transmission and distribution facilities.

  • Petrochemical facilities.

  • Hazardous waste treatment centres.

Clearstone provides services for detecting leaks in underground storage tank systems by statistical inventory reconciliation (SIR). We also  offer a software program call OFM for simplified fuel inventory accounting at individual retail service stations. Both tools were developed by Clearstone in joint venture with a major multinational integrated oil company. Our SIR service has a leak detection performance capability of 0.20 gallon per  hour with 95 percent confidence and less than 5 percent probability of a false alarm. Use of this service minimizes the risk of costly site remediation by providing reliable and affordable leak detection on an ongoing basis. Furthermore, it identifies other potentially costly operational problems (e.g., product theft, water incursion, leaking pipes, incorrect conversion charts, needed recalibration of meters and poor sticking procedures).

OFM replaces current manual product inventory accounting procedures at retail service stations. Use of OFM simplifies reporting procedures by service station operators, eliminates the cost of specially printed product inventory record books, and reduces the potential for accounting errors resulting in improved inventory management.




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